Dot Com and Dot Org: My two new lovers

The logo of the blogging software WordPress.
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I’m juggling Dot Com and Dot Org like a woman sleeping with 2 cousins — they’re related, resemble each other and satisfy me in oh-so different ways. But I digress.

I didnt’ post at all last week, and I wasn’t feeling even mildly guilty about it. Then I got a few calls from friends who were silently following along (or from Facebook) and they wanted to know where my posts where. (Thanks for the shoutout, folks. I was convinced that I was out there alone).

They wanted to know the reason I stopped. Why? Because I was struggling to get my website back online to my satisfaction. I got cocky and installed WordPress on my site. That’s Dot Org, not Dot Com. A different kettle of fish, but I love both “platforms” or whatever the terminology is. And just learning how to set up Chile Pleeze!  made the work of “designing” on Dot Org much easier.  I discovered very quicky just how much Dot Com for us that Dot Org doesn’t. I had to grow up fast.

I’m not keen on losing the rest of my eyesight by reading screen after screen of WP documentation. So YouTube has been a godsend. It’s amazing how many (mercifully short) tutorials on WordPress are out there. Watching them (sometimes 3 or 4 times) has given me a better understanding of both Dot Com and Dot Org. For example, the importance of  your titles for Google searches, or how tags help visitors find previous posts. I finally get it. I’ve been checking and I’m making Google’s first page for some posts.

So for someone who doesn’t know what they are doing and still is clueless about code, I’m happy. (And truthfully, it didn’t take an entire week). Dot Com and Dot Org are getting the job done. So I’m back, and I won’t stay away so long next time. But if you don’t see me, well, you know where I am.


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